PE Sanitary

The Akavent multi-storey sewer drainage system is comprised of 110mm and 160mm high-density HDPE plastic fittings that eliminate the relief venting requirements of traditional drainage systems.

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The Akavent system is part of Akatherm’s HDPE plastic drainage range and is specifically designed for multi-storey building applications.

The Akavent system:

  • Slows the downward flow of water to prevent the formation of hydraulic plugs.
  • Prevents waste water from branch lines mixing with other waste water until below the junction point.
  • Has only one outlet pipe, replacing the need for a conventional two-pipe fully-vented or a fully ventilated modified stack system for multi-storey buildings.
  • Provides significant cost savings through reduced pipe work and associated construction increasing flexibility for architects and designers of multi-storey buildings.



Material: PE- Polyethylene

Sizes available:  110mm and 160mm

Akavent Dimensions:


UV Resistant: Application in open air unrestricted through colouring with carbon black

Temp range: Application possible between -40ºC and 100ºC

Standard compliance:  AS/NZS 3500 installation standard  “for multi-storey sewer drainage”.

Chemical Resistance: Suitable for transport of polluted waste water

Joint System: Butt Welding or Electrofusion jointing techniques.