Tank Accessories

Marley offers a range of tank accessories to help improve the quality of water you are collecting for drinking or other purposes.

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Calmed InletCalmed Inlet CALMED INLET
Allows water to enter the storage tank without disturbing the sediment in the bottom of the tank.
Calmed InletCalmed Inlet FLOATING OUTTAKE
Suspended just below the water level it draws off the cleanest water for use. Length of hose is 2 metres and 25mm diameter to fit a 25mm hose tail.
Tank Gouge2 Tank Gouge2 TANK GAUGE
Easily monitors the water level in the tank. Both mechanical and wireless options available.
Tank accessories Tank accessories VENT COWL
Ideal for providing air circulation through the tank so that the water can breathe.
Tank overflowt Tank overflowt INSECT PROOF FLAP VALVES
Used in conjunction with inlet and overflow pipes to allow the tank water to breathe whilst still keeping insects out of the tank.
Tank Overflow Tank Overflow TANK OVERFLOW
Provide overflow point when tank is filled to capacity.
Tank Vaccuum kit Tank Vaccuum kit TANK VACUUM KIT
Fine sediment which can contain harmful bacteria and heavy metals, eventually builds up in the bottom of the tank. Some of this can find its way into the out-take pipe and into the home water supply. The Marley Tank Vacuum kit uses a syphonic system to target this sediment-laden water at the bottom of the tank every time the tank fills to capacity and needs to get rid of excess water.

The Marley Tank Vacuum kit is fitted with an anti-syphon feature which prevents all water in the tank from syphoning. Once the tank water falls below the level of the anti-syphon feature, the tank vacuum ceases operation

Material: uPVC (unplasticised PVC) and stainless steel mesh screens/filters

Guarantee: 15 years

Compatible Downpipe Systems: Designed for use with Marley Stormline® 90mm stormwater pipe. Adaptors available to enable use with RP80® 80mm round downpipe, RP65® 65mm round downpipe, Eclipse® half-round downpipe and Rectangular downpipe (65mm x 50mm and 100mm x 50mm).


Marley Tank Accessories are generally quick and simple to install however they do include technical elements. To ensure optimal performance Marley recommends you seek the advice of a trade professional.