Leaf Eater

The Marley Leaf Eater forms part of the Marley debris diversion range, filtering water to stop leaves and other debris from entering into your tank or stormwater.

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img-leafeater1Suitable for new or existing downpipes, the Leaf Eater is a high performance debris diverter utilising a two-screen approach to debris diversion. The 6mm primary screen sheds large debris before a 0.95mm secondary screen filters fine debris and insects. It is designed for medium to large size residential roofs that experience average to above average annual rainfall and also areas where insect filtering is required.


The Marley Leaf Eater has excellent UV resistance and is designed to automatically shed debris therefore requiring minimal maintenance.


Can be mid-mounted in the downpipe or directly below the gutter outlet.


Compatible with Marley’s RP80® 80mm round downpipe or 90mm Stormline® stormwater system but can be used with all other Marley downpipe systems through the use of adaptors.

img-leafeater2Material: uPVC (unplasticised PVC)

Certified for use with potable water?
Yes (certified to AS/NZS 4020)

Flow rate: 3.5 litres/sec (100% water capture with clean water)

Guarantee: Body – 15 years,
Screen – 5 years when adequately maintained

Compatible Downpipe Systems:
RP80® 80mm round downpipe or 90mm Stormline® stormwater pipe. Adaptors available to enable use with RP65® 65mm round downpipe and Rectangular downpipe (65mm x 50mm and 100mm x 50mm).


The Marley Leaf Eater is quick and simple to install however there is a technical element to ensure optimal performance so if you are unsure, Marley recommends you seek advice from a trade professional.

To install mount the main box evenly under the gutter outlet or expansion outlet by securing it to the fascia with pop rivets or screws, making sure the backing plate fits snugly up to the bottom edge of the gutter but not between the fascia and back of the gutter.

Place the insect screen in the main box over the outlet ensuring that the screen clips into place. Replace the primary screen, making sure the screen fits inside the front lip of the Leaf Eater®, and secure in place with the clips provided. The Leaf Eater® is now ready for connection to the downpipe. Do not glue the Leaf Eater® to the down pipe. Secure downpipe with a screw for easy replacement.


Routinely wash the filter screen, by lifting it out of the body and cleaning it. For an optimum performance of your Leaf Eater ensure there is no debris on either the primary or secondary screen blocking the flow.

NB. Replacement screens are sold separately.