Marley Downpipe Spreader Kit

Allows for the even distribution of water on its journey from an upper to a lower roof when used in conjunction with the Marley RP80® 80mm Round Downpipe System.

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Rp80-Spreader-WHITE-2The RP80® Downpipe spreader kit allows for the even distribution of water to a lower level roof and the kit enables the design of a “T” or “L” shaped spreader. It assists in complying with the E2/AS1 Building Code, an excerpt of which is detailed in the technical section.

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  • 100% Recyclable
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Building Code E2: External Moisture / 8.0 Roof claddings / 8.1.6 Gutters
Downpipes discharging to a lower roof shall be fitted with a spreader as detailed in figure 20 below, with the discharge limited to a section of roofing with no side laps. Spreaders shall not be used on masonry tile roofs unless a roof underlay is installed. A maximum catchment area of 25m² shall be permitted to discharge via a spreader on to a lower roof area.



  • Design calculations for a specific roof may allow larger catchment areas per spreader to be used.
  • The alternative to a spreader is to direct an upper level downpipe into a rainwater head.
  • The ends of the spreaders should be blocked off to avoid sideways flow of water against laps in roof claddings.
  • The holes in spreaders should be positioned to allow water to fall onto the roof troughs, not the laps (see Figure 20: Note 1).


The Marley RP80® Downpipe Spreader Kit enables the design of a spreader for any type of downpipe positioning. The three types of downpipe positions are as follows:

  • The “L” Spreader (No.1) is used when the distribution of water is only possible on one side of the tee.
  • The “T” Spreader (No.2) is used when the distribution of water is possible on both sides of the tee.
  • The Reduced “L” Spreader (No.3) is used when the tee needs to sit flush against the wall to accommodate the downpipe. In this specific spreader installation the tee will require trimming to the witness mark.

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