Marley Polyethylene (PE) 80 Pipes

Polyethylene pipes form a system with proprietary fittings that offer a full Marley solution for your plumbing and Infrastructure requirements.

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PE 80B pipe systems manage the transport of water supply at medium pressures & is sometimes referred to as a MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene).

PE80 Pipe:

  • Has greater flexibility -allows for cost savings during installation due to trench less technology .
  • Has a Minimum Required Strength (MRS) of 8.0MPa as determined by regression analysis. This analysis allows for the prediction of the required minimum strength for a specific service lifetime.
  • Made to AS/NZS 4130: Polyethylene Pipes for Pressure Applications.
  • Marley PE pipes are certified by Bureau Veritas.
  • Lic No 2639 (Auckland) Lic No 2727 (Christchurch).


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PE80 Pipe Colour Key