Customer-led product launch

The RA80.100 is an adaptor designed to provide a water-tight connection between Marley RP80® 80mm round downpipes and Marley Stormline® 100mm stormwater pipes. The new fitting will be available in all colours from the Marley Stratus Design Series® to ensure a professional colour-matched solution is always achieved.

Historically, the transition between the downpipe and the stormwater pipe has been left open and unsealed with the downpipe simply dropping into an open section of stormwater pipe or into a grate/gully trap. However many councils are now asking for the connection to be sealed on new homes. It is also required for ‘wet’ or ‘charged’ systems where the homeowner is collecting rainwater.

We currently have an adaptor for this transition (724.100.80.90) but it only connects directly to a socketed 100mm pipe or fitting whereas most new house installations now require direct connection to an un-socketed 100mm pipe. Therefore customers currently have to use 2 adaptors to achieve the connection and only one of the adaptors is available in colour making the current solution time-intensive and less desirable from an aesthetic perspective.

Key Features

  • Water-tight connection
  • Streamlined visual appearance
  • Colour-matched
  • Pipe to pipe connection
  • Over-insertion safety stops
  • Use with Marley MCS® Solvent Cement
  • Capture