Future-Proof Building

Marley is an enthusiastic participant in the Future Proof Building (FPB) initiative. The Future Proof Building scheme is designed to ensure a better environment for New Zealanders, not just in the wider environment. To achieve these goals, the Future Proof Building initiative demands that high standards are met in the manufacture and performance of products. Which is why, when you choose a Marley product carrying FPB symbol today, you’re making your tomorrow as future proof as it can be.

Energy Smart

Future-Proofing your home for energy efficiency makes good financial sense. It will reduce both your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

Choosing the right insulation, heating solutions, lighting, and appliances will make your home warmer, more comfortable to live in and more attractive to potential buyers or tenants.

Health and Safety

Changes to your plumbing, heating, lighting and even the design of your home can reduce the risk of illness, accidents or injury.

Features like mechanically-filtered ventilation systems, central vacuums and non-slip decking help to ensure the health and safety of your family.

Life Cycle

As one of your biggest investments, your home should look and perform just as well in 10 years as it does today. Life Cycle Costing means evaluating what a product or service costs over its lifetime: cheaper things may end up costing you dearly over the long term.

If you plan to build or renovate, talk to your builder about the materials that will deliver the best long-term value.


Future-Proofed homes are built from quality materials, correctly installed by professionals. Products and materials used for key components of the home should meet NZ Standards, carry BRANZ appraisals, or International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) standards where applicable.

Smart & Secure

Smart home security and automation help Future-Proof your home and improve your quality of life. From state-of-the-art entertainment throughout your home to remote garage door openers to fully integrated, centrally controlled computer systems, there is an FPB solution for all homes.

Sound Control 

From traffic to home entertainment systems, noise pollution is a common problem in homes. For your home to maintain its long-term value, regardless of what is built nearby or who moves in next door, you need to plan carefully.

Future-proof your home against noise pollution with intelligent building design and purpose-designed materials like laminated windows and sound insulation products.

Spatial Design

Future-Proof your home for a growing or aging family by building rooms that can be divided into smaller areas or used in multiple ways. Allow for plenty of storage – consider installing shelving and organizer systems in wardrobes, the laundry, or even in the roof cavity.


The cost of energy is increasing every year. Kiwis are becoming more aware of the need to get more value from energy we consume, waste less, and use renewable energy wherever possible.

A key goal of Future-Proof Building is to minimise our impact on the earth. When building, renovating, or improving your home, choose eco-friendly products, recycled materials, and renewable resources whenever possible to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the planet for future generations.