Recycling Policy

Marley New Zealand Limited is committed to conducting its business in a manner that is compatible with the environment with regards to where our products are sourced, manufactured, used and disposed. As part of our Environmental Management Program, ISO 14001 and compliance to ‘Best Environmental Practice’ (Product Stewardship) as set out by the New Zealand Green Building Council, Marley has a commitment to ensuring that at the ‘end of life’ Marley will take back and recycle its uPVC pipes and fittings, spouting and downpipes and PE pipes.

Marley New Zealand will take back and recycle many of its products. This includes off cuts of products created during the installation process. Products must be presented in a clean condition, free of contaminates, rubbish and non – PVC materials such as paper, earth, vegetation, stones etc.

Please contact us for any recycling enquiries or phone our contact centre team on 0800 627 539