Marley New Zealand’s PVC products are made using Best Environmental Practice (BEP) and as such attract positive credits under the NZ Green building Council’s Green Star rating system for commercial buildings.

What is Best Environmental Practice?

In 2012 the NZ Green Building Council introduced a PVC credit for manufacturing companies. This credit awards up to 2 Green Star points for PVC materials that adhere to the best practice guidelines for PVC in the built environment. In short, it means that PVC pipe and fitting products that meet the BEP criteria can now be specified in New Zealand commercial buildings and go towards gaining credits or points towards the PVC component of the building’s overall Green star rating. Marley New Zealand is one of only two New Zealand manufacturers to have attained this certification. All PVC products made at Marley are now BEP certified and reinforces Marleys’ environmentally responsible approach across the entire PVC product range.

How did we get this PVC credit?

To receive this credit PVC manufacturers had to undergo an independent audit to prove compliance. There were three main areas of compliance to consider: raw materials, manufacturing and end of life management.


When considering the raw materials, Marley had to certify that all materials used to make our PVC products had come from BEP approved companies. For these companies to be BEP approved, the raw materials produced had to be made to a particular standard and the environmental system used within that company had to comply with the BEP certification (e.g  the raw material manufacturer  has acceptable levels of water usage, waste management and air pollution).


These areas of compliance also had to be monitored within Marley’s manufacturing facilities to become BEP accredited. Marley’s waste management and water recycling were already two areas of particular strength. Any PVC scrap or off-cuts are re-processed back to a raw material to be used in future production and all water used for cooling purposes is recycled in production.


The final area of compliance was Marley’s end of life management for products. In simpler terms, what happens to the product once it leaves the manufacturing site and how is it managed at the end of its life cycle. As a part of this policy, the Marley manufacturing sites will take back and recycle all of its own PVC pipes and fittings, spouting and downpipes and PE pipes that have been returned. Marley has also designated PVC return bins at selected merchants around New Zealand to further accommodate product returns.

What products are BEP approved?


  • Marley Stratus® Design Series spouting and downpipe system
  • Marley Classic™ spouting system
  • Marley Stormcloud® spouting system
  • Marley FL2® spouting system
  • Marley Typhoon® spouting system
  • Marley RP80® 80mm round downpipe system
  • Marley RP65™ 65mm round downpipe system
  • Marley Rectangular 65x50mm downpipe system
  • Marley Rectangular 100x50mm downpipe system


  • Marley OPTIM® Drain Waste and Vent (DWV) Pipes and Fittings
  • Marley Stormline® Stormwater Pipes and Fittings
  • Marley Pressure Pipes and Fittings 800series
  • Marley Pressure Pipes Genex® 850series
  • Marley Blue Pressure Pipes

Cable Management

  • Marley Telecommunications pipe and fittings (Green)
  • Marley Telecommunications pipe and fittings (White)
  • Marley Electrical Conduit Pipes and Fittings
  • Marley Electrical Ducting Pipes and Fittings


  • Marley Agriduct® pipe

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